Oh my Gosh! This Rising Strong Workshop was incredible.

Michelle & Beth are true professionals who have the talents to listen and make all participants feel safe. I went by myself and felt very comfortable the moment I walked in. They taught us how to take a risk, become vulnerable and share our feelings; they planted the seeds for a lifetime practice.

I am grateful to have learned about my emotions and that I actually do have power over them. Thanks SO SO much!!!

Rising Strong™ Workshop was conveniently located in San Francisco but I felt like I was swept into a retreat center miles away. It was an amazing supportive community with engaging and wise facilitators. I felt like every exercise applied to various parts in my life and were taught in easily digestible, creative and fun ways. I did walk into the workshop feeling some anxiety but throughout the weekend, I felt a lot of hope for me to find more joy, calm and balance in my life. When I went back to work on Monday, I felt centered, less anxious and had more energy than I’ve had in months. After the Rising Strong™ Workshop, I now feel like I have new tools and strategies to jump- start my life towards whole hearted living. I look forward to incorporating what I learned about Brené Brown’s research and the Rising Strong™ philosophy into my daily practice.

Michelle and Beth’s Rising Strong Workshop was such an amazing experience. I loved going through Brené Brown’s work in more detail and the exercises that Michelle and Beth selected for us really helped me to focus on specific issues that I wanted to move through. The attention to detail and heart that they put into this program really came through. I learned techniques and have information that will last well beyond the weekend. I am already incorporating these concepts into my life with great results. Also, the level of support from the participants was remarkable and we all felt an incredible connection. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is trying to break through and move forward.

I am absolutely impressed and delighted with my experience of Rising Strong Workshop led by Beth Jaeger-Skigen, LCSW and Michelle Gannon, PhD. Having already done an online course taught by Brené Brown, I wasn’t sure how much more I could get from the live workshop, but Beth and Michelle have a beautiful, warm, playful way of bringing the entire experience to life in two short days.

Every detail was offered from meals to supplies and several fun surprises ensuring that we felt nourished and nurtured as we explored some pretty tough stuff. The participants were all courageous and supportive. Michelle and Beth were empowering and respectful. The materials, videos and process were stimulating and impactful. The weekend flew by, and I was pleasantly surprised that I gathered some missing pieces of something I had been working on for awhile. Most importantly, I had a breakthrough with out wringing myself inside out. It was fun and I was energized, and the impact is with me every day. Good things will come of this for me! I highly recommend Rising Strong Workshop with Beth and Michelle for those new to personal growth as well as seasoned workshop participants and professionals in the personal growth field. You won’t regret it!!

The Rising Strong Workshop with Beth and Michelle was a valuable and exciting experience. The facilitators were warm, inspiring and 100% safe. The content, videos, messages and materials were also very powerful and helpful. I left the workshop feeling empowered, more in touch with myself, and motivated to create change in my life. This was a beautiful experience and Michelle and Beth are incredible- they are truly authentic and knowledgeable. There was never a dull moment and I loved hearing their real life examples and stories. If you have the chance to attend one of their workshops, you will not be disappointed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Rising Strong Workshop led by Michelle Gannon PhD and Beth Jaeger-Skigen, LCSW. Brené Brown’s work has truly amazing insight and creativity. The video clips that were shown by Beth & Michelle were educational and enlightening. And I absolutely LOVED all the quotations (I am a writer, myself!) Thank you so much for the opportunity to benefit from such an outstanding event in San Diego.

I flew in from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco to take the Rising Strong™ Workshop led by Beth Jaeger-Skigen and Michelle Gannon. I am so grateful I did. Rising Strong™ Workshop had and continues to have a profound impact on my personal life as well as my professional growth. Before attending the workshop, I had already become familiar with Brené Brown’s work by watching her TED talks, reading some of her books and facilitating a Brené Brown group on shame resiliency. However, as Brené Brown says, shame happens between people and it can only be healed between people. That is why the Rising Strong Workshop experience deepened my own shame resiliency work as well as my healing process and it gave me the tools to get up and move forward from the setbacks that life has inevitably thrown at me. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to take the leap from disappointment and failures into wholehearted living. It was worth every penny. And if it’s hard to do things for yourself, take it from me, you’ll be so glad you did.

The Rising Strong™ Workshop with Beth Jaeger-Skigen, LCSW & Michelle Gannon, PhD was hands-down the best workshop I’ve ever participated in. The attention to detail on every level was incredible. The lingering effect is very strong. I get a warm feeling all over just thinking about it! I was first introduced to Brené Brown when a friend sent me the link to her famous Ted Talk on Vulnerability back in 2010. It really struck me, and I’ve been following Brené’s work passionately ever since. If I ever met Brené in person, it would be akin to meeting a rock star. So, imagine my excitement when I came across the Rising Strong™ Workshop led by Michelle Gannon, PhD and Beth Jaeger-Skigen, LCSW. Not Brené herself, but pretty close-two accomplished women who have learned with Brené Brown and have decades of experience as therapists and workshop leaders themselves. It shows in their ability to create a safe, accepting environment and they are both Certified Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ Facilitators. Beth and Michelle have created a very special, fun, positive experience that mixes a variety of individual and one-on-one/group exercises. Beth and Michelle take care of everything. The workshop was perfectly paced with a super cool workbook, delicious breakfasts and lunches, wine and cheese happy hour, lots of snacks and other surprises. Even though I’ve done plenty of individual therapy and a lot of other personal growth workshops (and I was already familiar with Brené’s process for Rising Strong™) this Rising Strong™ Workshop led by Michelle and Beth took me to a new level. There were even a couple of professional therapists in our group, participating as attendees, and that says a lot. But no matter where you are in your journey, this will move you along. I left with real tools and mindset to make my life better. I have new ways of approaching my experiences in the most authentic way for ME diminishing anxiety and self-doubt. I feel very empowered. Michelle and Beth could not have chosen a better venue than the Inn at the Presidio in San Francisco which is an intimate boutique inn with little nooks and crannies around the inn, fire pits on the patio and hiking trails out back. Just perfect for feeling “away.” If you can also stay there for the weekend, you won’t regret it. Thank you Michelle & Beth!

Rising Strong™ Workshop with Beth Jaeger-Skigen, LCSW & Michelle Gannon, PhD exceeded all of my wishes for a life changing experience. I read Brené Brown’s books, saw her TED Talks and was seeking to learn more.
The Rising Strong™ Workshop was exactly what I needed. I now have more tools that I can use daily to for more self awareness, shame resilience and help me “rumble” with many of my vulnerabilities.

I received personal attention and also built connections with others in the workshop that aided me and validated that I am not alone in this struggle. The Rising Strong™ Workshop with Michelle & Beth took place at the beautiful Inn at the Presidio in San Francisco and this made the workshop that much more special. I highly recommend Rising Strong™ Workshop!

I had the good fortune to attend the Rising Strong™ Workshop last week with Michelle and Beth. Wow! I am still integrating. It was so rewarding on many levels to spend two days looking deeply within and gaining new clarity and insights into some of the beliefs that I have been operating from. Seeing more clearly the stories I tell myself with the added insight that the brain does not give me the “right” story, it gives me the story to keep me safe was eye opening! Having gone through a breakup last year that I am still learning from, the two days gave me so much more understanding and emotional movement of pain I was carrying. I gained so much clarity about choices I made and from what core beliefs those choices came from. It was liberating to see and feel and share some of these most vulnerable experiences with a group of beautiful, powerful, vulnerable women. I came away feeling seen, understood, accepted and loved by myself and by others. There is a knowing and a honoring of this without words that I so value and I felt at this workshop. Thank you, thank you Michelle and Beth for creating such a safe and wonderful experience of going deep and rising strong.

I am grateful and appreciative after attending the Rising Strong™ Workshop with Michelle and Beth last weekend. They created a safe environment to explore vulnerabilities and process through the Brené Brown’s Rising Strong™ program. Both Michelle and Beth were generous in their warm and personal facilitation and giving emotional support and recognition. It was a powerful and positive experience. I am definitely “rising strong” from the personal work I did. Thank you Michelle and Beth!

There are days in our lives that we can look back on and reflect and say “these were days well lived.” The two days I spent with Michelle Gannon, PhD and Beth Jaeger-Skigen, LCSW at the Rising Strong™ Workshop in San Francisco were definitely in this category. Prior to attending Rising Strong Workshop with Michelle and Beth, I had read several of Brené Brown’s books. Her viral Ted Talks lured me in. I found them fascinating and was looking for something more. I didn’t want to just read about it, I wanted to “work on it”! Serendipitously, I logged on to the Hold Me Tight Workshop Facebook page one evening and saw that Michelle & Beth were leading Rising Strong Workshop based on the research of Brené Brown in San Francisco! I researched it and immediately signed up at the first opportunity. I had already taken Hold Me Tight Workshop with Michelle and Sam, and here was this work that fascinated me, being held in my favorite city, being led by an incredible woman who had already helped me make lasting change in my relationships. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew that it was going to be good. The Rising Strong Workshop weekend led by Michelle and Beth exceeded my expectations. The group of participants that attended were some of the most fascinating, kindest, nonjudgmental, authentic, strong, supportive and emotionally articulate people that I had ever spent time with. The space that Michelle and Beth created facilitated a sense of safety where true vulnerabilities could be shared and raw connections for growth could be fostered. I had so many “aha” moments and shared so many insightful conversations, even outside of the seminar, I can already feel the trajectory of my course shifting in my daily life now that I am home. I really believe that there is no greater gift that we can give to ourselves and the people that we love than the ability to learn how to be truly, vulnerably, authentically wholehearted. Our life is not going to be perfect and it will most definitely not be easy, but when you can learn how to pick yourself up from the trials and failures and Rise Strong, you will have lived a life that is beautifully admirable.

Thanks so much for an amazing weekend. I left feeling so motivated and inspired so THANK YOU Michelle & Beth. I will be sure to spread the word about this amazing Rising Strong™ Workshop. All you have to do is enter with an open heart and you will leave feeling empowered, motivated and inspired. You will learn how to be vulnerable and have more self compassion for yourself so you can reach your goals. Beth and Michelle do a wonderful job of creating a safe and open learning environment. They gave me the tools and strategies I’ve been searching for to lead a more authentic and wholehearted life. Focusing on my core values really grounded me and gave me clarity of the person I want to be and the life I want to live.

Rising Strong™ is a powerful yet simple framework that can really change lives!

Rising Strong Workshop led by Michelle Gannon, PhD & Beth Jaeger-Skigen, LCSW provided a wonderful base to explore some recent transitions–what I’ve been holding on to and what was okay to let go of.

Michelle and Beth provided a warm and safe environment for our group and their interactive approach and short videos enhanced the material immensely.

I left the workshop with not only skills to integrate into my therapy practice but my personal life. I gave myself permission to do and feel things I had been avoiding and feel incredibly free. My heart is open to continued journey through the various life transitions I am experiencing! I will definitely host them again in San Diego and look forward to continued learning.

The Rising Strong Workshop was such a wonderful and eye-opening experience for me. Michelle and Beth did an amazing job helping me to feel safe and giving me a comfortable place to share my “story.” I especially loved the videos used throughout the workshop to help us visualize the concepts we were discussing. I left the workshop excited and curious about my future and the story I want to write. I highly recommend the Rising Strong Workshop to anyone looking to explore their own lives in a different way.

I was nervous about attending Rising Strong Workshop. However, my fears were assuaged, due to the facilitators (Beth and Michelle). It all seemed very organic and secure. It was a very safe space. I really liked the Inn at the Presidio, San Francisco venue.

The workshop was a cathartic experience. It was an eye-opening, inspirational experience. I felt invigorated and transformed. After the workshop, I felt more empathetic to all people
5 stars! Or 10 stars, depending on what the maximum amount of stars are available… maximum stars in all cases!

What a wonderful weekend workshop! Michelle Gannon, Ph.D. and Beth Jaeger-Skigen, LCSW skillfully guided our diverse group through a variety of activities, discussions and audio-visual presentations based on the work of Brené Brown and in particular, Rising Strong. Using our workbooks and the wisdom and humor of the group, we reflected (as much privately or openly as was comfortable for each person) on internal and hidden fear, shame, guilt and grief that block us from living more wholeheartedly. This inspiration – to courageously identify more of our vulnerable selves, including the need to receive acceptance and understanding – allow for increased connectedness, love and joy. I learned a lot, felt renewed and energized and have new concepts and tools for living more wholeheartedly. As an experienced workshop participant, as well as professional psychologist for many years, I give this experience my highest recommendation. Thank you, Michelle and Beth!

Rising Strong Workshop with Michelle & Beth is a wonderful workshop!

I tend to be a bit skeptical about personal growth workshops wondering if I’m going to have to share some deeply personal experience with a stranger (I’m an introvert), but I was surprised – this was educational, experiential and a lot of fun.

The leaders, Michelle Gannon, PhD and Beth Jaeger-Skigen, LCSW are so knowledgeable about the subject they are presenting, and respectful of every participant (some of us were shy and some not so much), making it a fun and very worthwhile experience.

I could tell they love what they do: their easy, friendly style, humor and compassion shine through, creating a really safe and warm environment in which to explore topics such as vulnerability, how we cope when we mess up, and how to live to our fullest potential. And the absolute best part of this workshop is that I took it about five months ago and am still using many of the ideas that we discussed!

I identified my personal values and am setting appropriate boundaries with all the people in my life (those I love, those I work with, everyone) and my relationships are truly better. Thank you, Michelle and Beth, for a life-changing weekend!

Thank you so much Michelle & Beth! I decided to take the Rising Strong™ Workshop because I am at a turning point in my life. I feel like I have been living in the dark and I needed to find the light. Honestly, I LOVED this experience. This is not something I would normally attend, but I really loved the way the Rising Strong™ Workshop led by Beth and Michelle helped me to look at both myself and others with more compassion. I learned that I need to start believing in myself and stepping into the scary dark with “my people” supporting me will help make me stronger. The Rising Strong™ Workshop was the most amazing class I have ever taken- it was life changing.

The Rising Strong™ Workshop was truly very special. Michelle and Beth are amazing. They provided a very comfortable and serene environment which made it easy to embrace the concepts of Brené Brown’s research and tailor them to your life experiences and emotions. If you’re soul searching for some changes in your life, or just want to understand yourself better, or going through a rough time…this is the workshop for you! I feel rejuvenated and have new perspectives on life. The Rising Strong™ Workshop has helped me improve my communication and responses to difficult situations as soon as I completed it. It also helped me process and identify my emotions more easily. While the workshop is two days, the tools learned will last a lifetime!

Thank you Beth and Michelle for your incredible Rising Strong™ Workshop this past weekend. I found it to be immensely valuable and inspiring. I have the 10 Guideposts for Wholehearted Living posted, and I plan on reading Brené Brown’s books and work more through the Rising Strong™ Workbook. As facilitators, Beth Jaeger-Skigen, LCSW and Michelle Gannon, PhD are warm, knowledgeable, giving, caring, and present. The content is timely and empowering and after the Rising Strong™ Workshop, I feel that I have pushed the reset button on my life.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone.

I felt so safe and included at Rising Strong Workshop with Michelle & Beth. Risks were encouraged, but in no way forced. I felt nurtured during this entire growth experience and intend it be a launching point for further understanding work and acceptance of myself. Thank you so much Michelle & Beth!

I work for a company where building strong authentic connections are critical to the success of my role. I’ve been inspired by Brené Brown’s work for the past couple of years, and thought the Rising Strong Workshop would help me get to the next level in my career. I brought it up to my boss, who then got approval from our Chief People Officer. The workshop did not disappoint. I was able to learn strategies in dealing with my own emotions, when an obstacle is thrown at me, to have the courage to be truly authentic and to dig deeper into the issue, while still being kind, and holding on to my core values, and to create my own version of the ending to the story. I am confident that my willingness to speak up from a place of vulnerability will allow me to develop stronger bonds within the leadership team. This new courageous self can only lead to innovative solutions for my firm. Thank you!

I traveled from Philadelphia to attend Rising Strong™ Workshop with Beth & Michelle. I previously completed several Brené Brown online workshops, but this was my first experience doing this work with a group. Beth and Michelle created a safe environment conducive to openness and sharing, while the Inn at the Presidio in San Francisco provided a warm and peaceful setting. During the weekend, Beth and Michelle kept the group engaged and connected. I enjoyed the balance of time to discuss, reflect, listen, and write. There is something beautiful and reaffirming about shared truth and vulnerability. For that, I am thankful for the other participants in my group. I returned home, feeling energized and strong. I am filled with gratitude.

Thank you Beth and Michelle.

The San Francisco Rising Strong Workshop felt like 10 years of therapy in two days. ​ ​Michelle and Beth provided a beautiful, compassionate and secure space where I felt I could be vulnerable and safe allowing me to really embrace the Rising Strong philosophy. By the end of the first day, my brain had marinated enough in the process that new thoughts​ ​and ideas started interrupting my usual narrative. The thrill, excitement and hope that I felt at seeing a difference in just one day – that decades of habits and patterns were able to be penetrated​ a​nd slowed down – made this workshop life changing. I urge anyone who understands intellectually​ ​that they want to change their relationship to themselves and to life, but who struggles with implementing​ ​the tools that effect that change, to take this Rising Strong Workshop with Michelle & Beth. Thank you!​​

I fell in love with Brené Brown’s work through her books and TED talk a long time ago. I have taken her online courses and was looking for a more hands on experience so I decided to sign up for Michelle and Beth’s Rising Strong Workshop. The workshop truly delivered in so many ways. I enjoyed the variety of exercises, the presentation of information and the experience of listening to my fellow participants’ stories. The setting of the Inn at the Presidio in San Francisco was completely picturesque and I recommend this workshop to fellow mental health professionals or truly any person who is open to taking accountability and being ready to engage in emotional transformation.